October Full (Super) Moon: Sunday October 16 at 12:23am EST
Also known as: Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon

Today’s full moon in Aries is conjunct with both Uranus and little known Eris – providing us with the power-packed energy of manifesting change! The past few months have brought so much introspection – going deeper, relishing the dark, examining our shadows and acknowledging our fears and blockages. All this clearing was for a good reason though: the energies of today’s moon are calling forth new things, and without the space to grow, these intentions would shrivel. We’ve healed our wounds and are now being nudged forward – well, more like shoved!

Aries is all about action. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and much like the Tarot’s Fool, Aries energy urges us to foster new and growing opportunities. Aries is the initiator, the leader, the first to jump in. Whereas recently we’ve been inundated with celestial energies promoting inner work and release, we’re coming out of this pattern now with new beginnings and ALL the ambition!

Aries is conjunct with Uranus, which gives a radical quality to the energies affecting us. Uranus is the planet of innovators, forward thinkers, and revolutionaries. Now is the time for drastic change, new ideas, and exciting projects.

Aries is also conjunct with Eris, a relatively new addition to the club. Eris is the female spiritual warrior, the fierce voice for the voiceless. She brings with her the grand power of transformation! She’s a strong, dark, opinionated goddess in mythology, and lends that power to her astrology as well.

What does this all mean? Aries and Uranus are both masculine in nature, and while Eris is feminine, she carries a fierce energy as the sister to Mars. Now is the time to push forward! Now is the time to create and cause change in those stuck areas of your life. Aries, Uranus and Eris are here to give you the extra boost as a true catalyst for change. The energy may feel too powerful, a little dark and scary, but you must embrace the shadow to fully call and claim the light.

How to Work with the Aries Moon: Set powerful intentions in the next couple days. Use strong affirmations. Use powerful, active words to invoke positivity and forward motion into your life. Now is your time! Seize it while you can!

Our Tarot Ally: the Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is on a quest, and his dedication and passion for his journey shows. He’s full of ambition and fire for what he has to do. He reminds us that passion fuels all the most successful projects! Try to avoid wasting the potential of this full moon by only putting your energies into those projects you feel most passionate about. Because the Knight of Wands can sometimes experience scattered energy, it’s especially important to focus. Focus on your passions, and you can accomplish amazing things.


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