Our bodies are made of energy; whether you believe it to be a universal life force or simple biology, energy exists within us and needs just as much care as our physical selves to run at peak efficiency.

Don’t be scared or skeptical of energy work. A chiropractor I know loves to tell her patients, “You don’t have to believe in it for it to work; it just works.” I love this theory! Skeptics have walked away from my table, and my hands, marveling at how relaxed they feel, how warm my hands got, and how ready they are to accept life. Don’t believe in “woo woo”? Here’s some science: physical touch promotes the release of oxytocin, the “happiness hormone”, and can help to combat cortisol to relax and re-energize you. If that’s not enough, look into some basic quantum theory for beginners, and pay attention to how everything is energy and everything is connected.

Unlike with massage, energy bodywork is done fully clothed. (Unless you’re combining reiki with massage, in which case we’re still manipulating muscles.) You don’t even have to be lying on the table; as long as you’re comfortable, we can work sitting in a chair, reclining on a couch, or even standing up! (Although I don’t know why you’d want to stand for close to an hour…) Usui Reiki is performed with light touch, but I can hover if you’re more comfortable with that. Other energy services, like chakra cleansing and cord cutting, require more movement, so expect my hands to be all over the place. Just like massage, I’ll never touch a private or “off limits” area; if there’s something you need me to avoid, bring it up ahead of time. Unlike massage, however, reiki and energy healing are wonderful therapies for acute injuries!

Just like other therapies, it’s extremely important to drink water after your session, and allow for plenty of time to rest and recharge. You may feel slightly woozy or “out of sync” with your body after a Reiki treatment; this is normal and should be planned for in regards to transportation if you don’t think you’ll be able to drive. I will gladly sit with anyone after their session if they need time to come down.


Specific services

Energy massage is a method of combining massage therapy and Reiki to bring about physical and emotional healing. Instead of a traditional massage with Reiki tacked onto the end, the two modalities will be integrated throughout the session to target tension and blockages. The therapist will alternate between massage strokes and still hand placement as needed to identify and alleviate problem areas and energy stagnation.


Chakra balancing is an energy treatment specifically targeting the seven main chakras of the body to release blockages and aid in healthy spin and flow. Chakras are energy centers in the body, power houses for energy flow and movement. They receive, process, usher, and release energy from the body. Each chakra corresponds with areas of the body and areas of our emotional and spiritual lives. Blocked chakras can result in physical health problems in areas relating to that energy center. Healthy chakras are constantly in motion, while blocked chakras spin slower than normal (or not at all) and can leave us feeling sluggish, ill, unmotivated, tired, and disconnected.

During a balancing session, you have two options: simple assessment and cleansing by your therapist using Reiki, or guided meditation to assist you in clearing your own blockages. A combination of the two is also available.


Grounding & Cleansing serves to balance and center your energy. If you’re feeling over tired, listless, jittery, pent up, or any other extreme from your “normal”, you may need to ground your energy. This is especially important for empaths, healers, or anyone else who has regular dealings with other peoples’ energy.

While all bodywork includes a little grounding at the start and finish, a dedicated grounding session consists of special Reiki techniques and stretching positions to draw out your overabundance of energy, and usually lasts no longer than ten minutes. This is most commonly an add on to a massage or Reiki session.


Cord cutting is an energetic process in which the emotional, spiritual, and mental ties that connect us to other people and things are metaphysically “cut”, freeing us from things that only serve to drag us down. Everyone can cut their own energetic cords, but sometimes a person or situation is too intense to handle without help. Your therapist will walk you through guided imagery while administering Reiki techniques to help you release these energetic connections. Cord cutting can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, depending on the situations involved, and is most commonly an add on to a massage or Reiki session.


If any of this sounds like something you want to incorporate into your wellness routine, or even as a one off special treat, you can view pricing and book now online!

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