Below are brief descriptions of available bodywork services, along with prices. For more details about massage, reiki, or energy work, please take a look at the About section – or reach out with any specific questions.


Therapeutic Massage
Full body Swedish massage, paying special attention to your trouble areas.
75 minutes, $95

Relaxation Massage
Full Body Swedish massage, with intent to relax and recharge
60 minutes, $70

Full Body Reiki
A full session of reiki using traditional Usui Reiki hand placements
60 minutes, $60

Targeted Reiki
A shorter reiki session targeting areas with physical or energetic symptoms
30 minutes, $35


Wild Woman Special
Inspired by the incredible women of Wild Woman Wellness Center, this is a special love-infused blend of massage and Reiki to promote self-love, embrace compassion, and reclaim our Feminine Divine – includes aromatherapy oil upgrade
60 minutes, $80

Simple Recharge
Relaxing massage combined with reflexology targeting only the feet, hands, and head – the parts of our body we most use to interact with the world – to cleanse the toxic build up and stress from daily life
30 minutes, $50

Energy Massage
A combination of massage and reiki to bring about physical and emotional healing by targeting tension and blockages, and identifying and alleviating problem areas and energy stagnation – includes aromatherapy oil upgrade
90 minutes, $130

Distance Reiki
Reiki energy sent to you across any distance, whether via video call or during meditation.
30 minutes, $30

Chakra Balancing
An energy treatment specifically targeting the seven main chakras of the body to release blockages and aid in healthy spin and flow. During a balancing session, you have two options: simple assessment and cleansing by your therapist using Reiki, or guided meditation to assist you in clearing your own blockages. A combination of the two is also available; inquire about special pricing.
30 minutes, $45


Aromatherapy Oil
A custom blend of essential oils into a vial of carrier oil used during your massage, based on your needs and desires. The remaining oil is yours to take home at the end of your session.

Grounding & Clearing
Serves to balance and center your energy. A dedicated grounding treatment consists of special Reiki techniques and stretching positions to draw out your overabundance of energy, and usually lasts no longer than ten minutes.

Cord Cutting
An energetic process in which the emotional, spiritual, and mental ties that connect us to other people and things are metaphysically “cut”, freeing us from things that only serve to drag us down. Your therapist will walk you through guided imagery while administering Reiki techniques to help you release these energetic connections. Cord cutting can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, depending on the situations involved.