Reiki is a method of energy healing from Japan where practitioners guide energy in a calming, healing way.

Since its development in the early 1900s, it had become a common and well used method of alternative therapy. Reiki (ray-key) practitioners use their hands, either hovering over or lightly touching, to channel universal healing energy into the client as they relax on a massage table, mat, or even chair. It is a simple technique that promotes healing and relaxation, reduces stress, clears energy, and can relieve pain. Reiki can be used in conjunction with other forms of alternative therapy, like massage, for a more well rounded and complete treatment. Hospitals even employ Reiki to aid with pain management and discomfort relief for cancer treatments, surgery recovery, or chronically ill patients.

Your treatment will last up to 60 minutes, and use traditional Usui hand placement. You will remain fully clothed and on a massage table, with a blanket and pillow available for your added comfort.

Reiki can also be sent long distance. In this case, you will meet with the therapist via video chat or Skype call to discuss your energetic needs before the distance Reiki is performed.

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