Every person, every single being on this planet, is looking for somewhere to call home. Even Dorothy sang about that mystical place over the rainbow. It doesn’t matter how old we are, how settled we are – without a home base, a place to make us feel safe and secure and loved, we’re all just floating.

I know this because I’m something of a gypsy; not in the racist, ethnic definition that I come from the far East – more in the culturally cultivated definition of a person who doesn’t, can’t, won’t settle down, for fear of planting roots so deep she’ll never be able to budge again. I move from home to home, from idea to idea, without much of an anchor to pull me back to earth.

Because of this, December 5, 2015 was a pretty important day for me.

Ever since getting my massage license, I’ve struggled with building a business of house calls, since (damn that gypsy nature) joining a spa or massage establishment is not for me. It seems that, despite the convenience, not a lot of people are interested in a therapist coming to their home. (If you disagree, then we should chat!) My business, my chosen career, my skills – they were going nowhere, fast.

But as anyone who works with energy can tell you, what you put out into the universe (with positive intentions and pure love, of course) will return to you – sometimes in spades. In December, some friends opened a center, a sacred, healing space for women and their families to find comfort, love, support, and wellness. They immediately asked me to be their resident massage therapist, and I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Since then, Wild Woman Wellness Center, located in Franklin NH, has practically exploded. It’s amazing what purposeful intention can manifest! The center has truly become my home away from home, whether I’m working, selling, attending a class, or gathering with some incredible women for healing companionship.

Carolyn Richardson and Amber Barrett are a couple of the most loving, mindful, and dedicated women I’ve ever met. They birthed this center into reality from a mere wish, and in only three months, it already boasts packed weekends full of classes, meet ups, parties, and more. I truly can’t wait to see what the future holds for Wild Woman Wellness Center – and for me, right along with it.

If you live in the Franklin area, or don’t mind doing a bit of driving (I commute from Nashua, remember!), you MUST check it out. The center is currently open by appointment or for scheduled meetings and classes. Book a bodywork session or wellness consultation with me, and you’ll get to see it firsthand! It may not be my baby, but I feel like a proud aunt, giving my all to make it the best it can be.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally grown okay with setting down roots. Maybe I’ve just found the perfect home.

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