In the old days when apothecaries and wise women and men were the norm and neighbors were dependent upon each other, fostering positive communities was key to survival. But in the modern era, with phones and the internet and cars and people living on top of each other, that doesn’t portray the same sense of urgency that it once did. We may be physically closer, but we’re sometimes mentally, emotionally, and spiritually miles apart.

Luckily, we can use technology to our advantage and develop communities that support each other in more ways than just survival. The links below are just a few ways Simply Sacred is hoping to foster community and connectedness through common ground, digital meet ups, and face to face gatherings.

If you have a way to add to this growing community of wise ones, please don’t hesitate to share. We all have something worthwhile inside of us, and this is the place to let it out. And if you aren’t local, that’s okay – let’s expand our consciousness worldwide. 🙂

The Groups

Modern Day Magick
a group for witches, pagan, and other magickal practitioners to discuss, share, and learn from each other

Living Simply Sacred
an exclusive community for wellness, spiritual growth, and learning to live a simple life of peace and balance

NH Herbal Wellness
a local resource for all things plant-related, including growing, harvesting, and usage tips

Gate City Red Tent
a female gathering place, a safe space, a sacred feminine circle, meeting monthly in person and always available for support and sisterhood online

NH Wellness & Spirituality
our group for sharing events and classes

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee ownership or administration of every group listed, especially as this list grows. Please make sure to reach out to the individual admins of each group if you encounter any issues.