The feet are the base of the body, the root of the energetic being. When we “ground and center”, we are literally connecting to the ground via our feet (and whatever other body parts happen to be touching the ground at that moment). We use our feet for balance, for movement. The practice of “earthing” has surged in popularity recently, which involves the feet making direct contact with the earth to re-balance energies and ground more effectively. Our feet do so much for us and take such a beating, we need to remember to take care of them back!

When giving massages, I like to start with the feet. It gives me a chance to draw down the energies of the client, to ground and center them, and to use reflexology points to target potential stressed spots and send a little advanced healing that way before my hands even get there. It also just feels good to pamper our feet!

If you can’t get to the spa or massage therapist anytime soon, that doesn’t mean you feet have to suffer. If you’ve had a hard day, if your feet are particularly sore, or even if you just have some time to spare, this is a great beginner foot soak you can DIY at home!

DIY Home Foot Soak

You’ll need:

  • a tub, bucket, or basin large enough to fit both feet and deep enough to come up just past your ankles
  • water
  • towels
  • epsom salts
  • honey
  • lemon
  • essential oils (optional)

Heat up enough water to cover your feet to the ankles when placed in the basin. Mix your honey into the hot water and stir until dissolved. You’ll want to use at least a quarter cup honey, but judge amounts for yourself based on the amount of water you’re using.

After the honey is dissolved, stir in a handful of epsom salt. You can get this at any grocery or drug store. Squirt in the juice from half a lemon. (A whole lemon if you have a lot of water.) Mix well and allow to warm up or cool down to your desired temperature. (You can test the temp on the inside of your wrist.)

If you have any essential oils in your home, you can add some drops based on your mood and your desired outcome. Lavender is calming and relaxing, for example. Orange is uplifting. Tea tree oil is stimulating, and it also helps cut down bacteria and itchiness. If you don’t have any EOs, you can find them at a local health food store. Some grocery stores even sell them (search the drug/personal care isles). Make sure to add the essential oils slowly, because different scents have different levels of smell and you don’t want to overpower your nose or irritate your skin. Another tip is to add the EO after you’ve heated the water to the desired temp; they can break down and lose some of their properties if heated too high or for too long.

Find a place in your home where you can relax, but remember the floor may get a little wet. (Put extra towels down under the basin to help minimize mess.) Sit back, soak, and enjoy a warm cup of tea and a good book while you’re allowing yourself this “me time”. Once the water cools, pat your feet dry one at a time, and give them a little rub down with some nice lotion or oil. Slip on a pair of fuzzy, warm socks, and your feet will never forget it!



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