Let’s try an experiment.

Think of something that scares you. Something that fills you with negativity, nervousness, paralysis. Something that makes your heart race, and not in the good way.

Got something in mind? Good.

Commit to doing that this year.

I’m serious. The only way to grow, to evolve, is to face the darkness head on and shine a light into all the scary, cobwebby corners. Illuminate your shit, uncover WHY it scares you, and do something about it. And I don’t just mean fears like heights, small spaces, or spiders – although worthy fears, because come on, SPIDERS – I mean those deep, existential thoughts that keep you up at night.


We often feel like these aren’t tangible fears; they’re just grand emotions in our heads, nothing to be bothered with. But just because it’s in your head doesn’t make it any less real! The good news is you CAN tackle those fears and shadow aspects and move on past the blockages holding you in unhealthy patterns. It’s possible! It’s doable! And it’s healthy!

Shadow work is a technique in magick and spiritual development that stems from the term “shadow self” and Carl Jung; it refers to deep, dark aspects of our spirit, our personality, that often leave us ashamed, fearful, and embarrassed. Its the things about ourselves we repress so that no one else sees; the parts of our personality we wish we didn’t have, so we lock away and pretend those desires, perversions, and fears aren’t a part of us.

Its common to approach shadow work with determined trepidation; meditation, journey work, sacred herbs, hypnosis, and dream work are only a few ways to meet your shadow and face it head on. It’s possible to do the work on your own – and of course, no one can address your shadow aspects but you – but a little guidance is never a bad idea.

It’s normal to be scared, but it’s not okay to let that fear consume you and hold you back from a life truly worth living.

I’m offering free 20 minute Mini Shadow Walks, consultations exposing your fears and lighting a path to freedom from them, to my best and brightest out there. If you want a spot, send me a PM and we’ll get tackling those dark corners so you can truly embrace the new year with courage and confidence.

Start 2017 off on the right foot. Book your mini Shadow Walk below!


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