Do you tend to spend January & February cold, lonely, and lethargic?

I’m the exact same way, and so are many of my clients. I used to tell people “I hibernate in the winter” so they wouldn’t expect me to get out and go places. Once it gets too chilly to spend time outside, I curled up with hot drinks, low lights, and lots of Netflix. At first, it’s lovely! The holidays take SO MUCH energetically and its important to recharge. But if habits form, the routine can end up being detrimental and I start to feel The Blahs – lacking the energy or drive to do things that once brought me joy. I sit my happy ass on the couch and don’t move til spring, and if I’m honest with myself, I’m not truly happy about it. And I know I’m not alone!

The winter blues, and to a greater extent, Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a real problem for many New Englanders when we find ourselves in the thick of a cold, dark winter. With less time outside, and less essential Vitamin D, our emotions can go a little haywire. It’s totally normal, and luckily, so is the treatment!

Bodywork is an essential part of a winter wellness routine to help combat the blues. Massage heats up your body and gets your blood pumping! It keeps your skin healthy and hydrated in the cold, dry air. And the power of touch has shown to increase the happiness hormones your brain produces to combat those nasty blahs.

I specialize in holistic care – using massage and Reiki to boost your body, your emotions, and your spirit! It’s the perfect weapon against the winter blues because it treats the whole of you AND it gets you out of the house when you’d much rather stay home and alone, and lets be honest – that’s not helping anyone.

If you’re starting to feel the blahs, the blues, or even SAD set in, don’t waste any more time! Let’s get you out of your rut and onto the table.

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