Happy May Day, my lovelies! I’m working on adding new levels of fitness coaching to Simply Sacred in the coming months, just in time for warmer weather, and I’d LOVE to invite you to journey along with me! Starting a fitness or wellness plan is always daunting, but having support and accountability is key to success – and I want to help you succeed, just as I want to help myself succeed! Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll add you to the special VIP list to be notified when the new service drops.

In the meantime, I want to share my personal wellness journey with you all – my inspiration, my goals, and my passion. I’d love to hear yours as well!

11986963_10153359448261645_3946274852811647062_nI became a mom in February 2015, and it has been beautiful and rewarding and incredible. But it hasn’t been nice on my body. Before being a mom, I was in school to become a massage therapist, which is fairly physically straining. I could handle it though. I was also a LARPer – live action role player – which is a hardcore physical hobby that involves lots of running and cardio outside, in the woods, in medieval costumes, and also a fair amount of swordplay and combat. I wear heavy duty corsets and defeat monsters, all without breaking a sweat – well, ok, I would break a sweat. But I would have the time of my life doing it! But all of that had to pause when I found out I was going to be a mom.

Being pregnant changes you. I went months without eating – or eating some really unhealthy things – because I couldn’t keep anything down. It got better for a while, but I couldn’t keep up with the calorie requirements. I felt like I was always eating but I didn’t gain much weight. I also couldn’t do much physical activity without developing severe nausea or cramps. Even sitting hurt after a while. LARPing was out of the question, and after a couple months, I couldn’t maintain the stamina needed for massage – and I couldn’t bend over the table without bumping my belly anyway. Despite having a pretty healthy pregnancy without any complications, I was miserable and inactive.

After my daughter was born, I was looking forward to getting my body back! But it didn’t happen the way I wanted – breastfeeding also takes a toll on your body. I was thrilled to watch the baby weight drop pretty quickly, and knew I wanted to take the opportunity to get in shape further. I waited patiently for the go ahead from my doctor to begin exercising – which to me meant sparring. But soon I plateaued, having to up my calorie intake further to produce enough milk for my little snugglebug, and I found I wasn’t as fast or as strong as I used to be. It was discouraging.

A couple months ago, I noticed she was nursing much less. I also noticed that I couldn’t fit into clothes I had been able to wear comfortably, corsets didn’t lace up right, and I developed the dreaded “love handles” for the first time ever. I had been looking forward to getting my body back, but instead I lost it further!

That was the last straw. My household started eliminating processed foods, I began to drink more smoothies and water, and daily exercise was added to our routine. When I found BeachBody, I was thrilled – the systems were already in place to help me get to an ideal health & wellness! It took the planning and labor out of exercise, and let me focus on reclaiming my body postpartum.

Before becoming a mom, I was in fair shape. I was active. I’m a geek and a LARPer, which involves lots of running, cardio, camping, sparring, and other types of combat. I wasn’t the best, but I was good. I could don my steel boned corset and beat up the bad guys all weekend with only a little soreness on Monday! But now, I can barely chase my little one down the street, let alone chase after monsters.

My wellness goal has nothing to do with being skinny or meeting some ideal weight number. I want to increase my muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and stamina. I want to drop two corset sizes (essentially reducing my waist size) while increasing my strength. I want to make it through a couple massage sessions with my clients before getting sore or needing a break.

We all start our wellness journeys for different reasons, and we have different goals. But we can share in the journey together – the ups and downs, the obstacles, and the celebrations. I look forward to it – and to the new corset I’ll buy this fall when I meet my goal!

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