In Reiki, there are five key principles that practitioners are encouraged to live by. They are mantras in their own right, sayings to remind ourselves to take each day one at a time, to take what the universe gives us and use it to put peace and goodness back out. Each principle starts with the phrase “Just for today,” a powerful statement in its own right about living in the moment.

The first principle, and today’s mantra, is “Just for today, I will not worry.” This is an important starting principle, regardless of whether you practice or partake in Reiki or not, because of the way stress eats at our daily lives. Worry breeds stress, and when trying to live a life of wellness, stress is the first thing to conquer. It takes you out of the moment, it can cause or worsen health problems, and it really doesn’t solve a damn thing.

Wise words!
Wise words!

Making a commitment to cut out worry does more than help alleviate stress. Worry tends to partner with “worst cases” and “what ifs”, which do nothing to help us solve a problem. If we don’t let worrying take over, we’re free to look at a problem from a fresh perspective. We can use logic to work through to a solid, reasonable conclusion. If we let worry fester, we’ll never get anything done!

When a situation comes up this week that presents a problem, or an unknown conclusion, or is out of your hands, take a deep breath and remind yourself to not worry, “just for today”. You can only affect your actions in this moment. Worry won’t solve the problem; it will probably just make it worse. You are enough to think it through, and you can’t do that with a mind clouded by worry.


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