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Massage & Bodywork

90 minutes :: $120
Reiki Massage
Therapeutic Massage

75 minutes :: $100
Reiki Massage
Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes :: $80
Reiki Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Upper Body Lymphatic Drainage
Lower Body Lymphatic Drainage
Fire Cupping Therapy

45 minutes :: $60
Reiki Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Face+Neck Lymphatic Drainage
Earth Reiki
Drum Reiki

30 minutes :: $40
Reiki Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Earth Reiki
Drum Reiki
Foot Reflexology

30 minutes :: $50
Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Upgrades & Add-Ons

Herbal Aromatherapy Oil

Salt Scrub

Guided Meditation

Hot Salt Stones

Herbal Hot Towels

Service Descriptions


Angela is trained in Usui Reiki from Lourdes Grey (of the John Harvey Grey Center for Reiki Healing) and from Lisa Powers (of Online Reiki with Lisa Powers). She is Level 3, Master/Teacher, and offers both Reiki healing and study. (Get her Reiki Apprenticeship details here!)

After studying and practicing for years, her Reiki practice began to shift based on the energy she was receiving, and the energy she felt was needed with her clients. Thus, she developed a method of channeling not only universal life energy, but also channeling grounding Gaia energy up from the earth, for a truly unique Reiki healing experience.

Clients have marveled at how hot the energy feels almost immediately, and how much more calm and grounding the healing is compared to other practitioners. This one of a kind Reiki healing is for you if you:

  • find you have a hard time grounding & calming down
  • if you find you’re always up in the ether, energetically
  • if you think you need help reconnecting with the earth and your own innate healing ability
  • if other forms of Reiki or “higher vibrational” healing leave you feeling high, jittery, or unbalanced

Drum Reiki

For an additional level of deep, grounding healing, Reiki is channeled through a frame drum and delivered along with the steady vibrational tones of the drumbeat. This shamanic-inspired session helps connect you to the earth and lull you into a meditative state, while the vibration helps to break through stagnant energetic blockages and re-align the chakra system.



Massage therapy is a form of manual touch therapy that relieves stress & muscle tension, increases circulation, and promotes relaxation so your body can naturally fight off outside stressors and stimuli. Massage aids the building of muscle due to physical activity, it helps increase range of motion, and it can increase the brain’s production of oxytocin which benefits the digestive, nervous, and immune systems. Simply Sacred offers two distinct types of massage for your benefit:

Therapeutic Swedish Massage

This is the more traditional and best known form of massage, used to treat muscular issues, stress, and range of motion. Muscular work is done, often going deeper to release knots and trigger points. For injury treatment, spot issues, and other therapeutic work, Angela will custom design a session based on your time selected and most immediate needs.

Reiki Massage

Reiki Massage is a unique blend of relaxing Swedish massage and energy work, designed to encourage your body’s healing capability to activate. The massage is slow and stable with light to medium pressure and combined with traditional stationary hand placement so you can fall into a deep state of relaxation. Strokes are utilized to both treat physical tissue and also push energy along its natural flow lines for optimal healing sessions. When properly relaxed, the body can retreat from a constant “flight or fight” response and the nervous system can recover. The Reiki included in the massage helps to release emotional and energetic blockages we often hold in our muscle tissue. The session overall helps to relax, ground, unblock, align, and awaken you onto your true path, both healing and spiritual.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage therapy that stimulates and bolsters the immune system by activating major lymph nodes and promoting the flow of lymph through surface capillaries. The lymphatic system is closely tied to the immune system, so encouraging healthy lymph flow can help the body fight foreign pathogens and stay healthy.

Lymphatic Drainage is slow and gentle, and can be a beneficial form of massage when other deeper techniques aren’t indicated. Because of its meditative nature, Lymphatic Drainage is also helpful for those with emotional or energetic blockages, and those who aren’t comfortable with physical touch from traumatic experiences.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a therapy that has been used for thousands of years to help with pain, inflammation, circulation, and relaxation. Cups are applied to the skin to provide local suction, literally a reverse of massage, pulling up the tissue instead of pressing down.

Fire cupping uses a small flame to remove the oxygen from the cup before its placed on the skin. This provides a lighter suction than pump cups, and also introduces the element of fire for a more holistic treatment. Oil is applied to the skin so the cups can move and drag, which helps to break up adhesions and move energy. Herbal liniments can also be added to the cup before its placed on the skin, and the heat helps to open pores so the skin can absorb the liquid.