Herbal Wellness

Herbalism is the study and practice of using plants as a means of therapeutic medicine. While it’s become popular recently with the rise of alternative medicine, in reality they’ve been around for a very long time. For as long as there were people getting sick, there were others gathering plants to heal them. Herbs were really our first pharmaceuticals!

Think of the word “herbalism” for a moment. What do you picture? Is it a “crunchy hippie” dousing everything in patchouli? What about the alternative mama giving her kids a dose of some weird green plant in a capsule? I know for me, even with understanding and practice, I tend to picture a wizard out of Harry Potter, brewing up treatments for different magical maladies. Our imaginations, steeped in pop culture, get the better of us.

Herbalism gives all these different references their bases in reality, but honestly, it’s much simpler than that. If you’ve ever made a sick friend eat chicken soup and drink orange juice to combat a cold, guess what? That’s herbalism. Essentially, herbalism is using plants – herbs, yes, but also common foods and fats and even some tree matter – to act as a catalyst for good health and to treat acute illnesses.

It gets more complicated from there – preparations and dosages and contraindications, oh my! – and not everyone can call themselves an herbalist, but at the end of the day, herbalism is truly one of our oldest methods of healthcare.

I have been working with herbs for health and spirituality for over 15 years. I started dabbling in middle school, but eventually realized I really loved working with different plants, learning their uses, and developing recipes to utilize their healing. There was no looking back.

Herbal wellness is so easy to implement, many people don’t even realize its an option! As your herbalist, I will sit down with you to discuss your wellness profile now, and map out your goals for where you want to be. Then we’ll determine what herbs, in what preparations, will help you achieve those goals. I can send you home with recipes for some of the easier recommendations, and will also formulate preparations for your to take home in the future.

It’s important to note that not all herbal preparations are created equal. Some will work for some instances, but not others. The methods of preparing the herbs vary drastically too. For example, I can mix up a tea blend for you to take home that day, but you’ll need to sip a few cups a day to get the effects. If this works for you, great! But for longer lasting issues, you may need to take something longer term. This is where an herbal tincture, formulated just for you, with an extremely long shelf life, will come into play. The problem with tinctures, though, is they take weeks to steep before they’re ready for consumption. These variations will be discussed at your appointment and will factor in to your healing plan.

What to expect

Your first consultation will be a detailed discussion of your current wellness profile, and any goals you wish to attain. We’ll go over medical history, so be prepared. Bring in a list of medications you’re taking, and be sure to note down any chronic medical issues you have that may come into play.

Our first chat will last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour; be sure to schedule enough time so we don’t rush. Once we have a complete wellness profile developed, we’ll discuss your health and wellness goals. Think about this beforehand! You know how you’re feeling now, and you know why you’re setting up the consultation. Your wellness goals can be as simple as “Implement a daily immune boost” or “Get rid of this cold”, or as complex and ambitious as getting rid of a specific chronic complaint entirely. We’ll do our best to develop a plan of attack to help you meet your goals, but remember: nothing is guaranteed, in holistic healthcare or even in more conventional medicine. We can only try our hardest to get you to a place of better health.

You will most likely go home with recipes and/or herbal preparations at your first visit; depending on your wellness goals and possible medical contraindications, I may need to do a bit of research to find the herbal preparations that will best suit you, or more in depth brewing to have the proper herbal preparations. This is where filling out a pre-consultation questionnaire (see bottom of page) will come in especially handy; that will allow me to show up to our first appointment with a general idea of your situation, and some possible herbs and preparations to try.

Regardless of whether or not you leave your first consultation with herbs, you will receive your Wellness Plan, a fully written up summary of our session, with listed wellness goals and steps to attain those goals, and your recommended herbal preparations, within five days. Most times you will get the report much sooner, but more complicated cases may require more digging to find something that will meet all your requirements. You can choose to receive this report via email in PDF form, or a print out mailed to you. (Please allow an extra 48 hours for delivery if you choose a physical report.)

After your initial visit, we’ll schedule a follow up meeting for 30 days out to reassess your plan and reevaluate goals. Of course, I am available via phone and email before then if you have any more immediate questions or concerns. At your follow up, we can set up regular check ins, at an interval convenient for you and your wellness, to make sure you remain on the right track and make tweaks as necessary.

Each herbalism appointment, whether its your first or tenth, consists of a consultation, home nutrition coaching, and explanation of any preparations or home recipes you’ll be leaving with. We’ll go over notes from any previous sessions and adjust accordingly. We will also address any new complaints and try to find preparations or recipes to apply.

I may take notes during herbal visits, and I may have you fill out quick questionnaires to track your progress. (All notes are kept safe and confidential, as per HIPAA regulations.) I’ll have a few books on hand, as well as my own personal Materia Medica, and we’ll track down causes of ill health based on symptoms and work to affect the underlying cause.

Please note: If you have allergies, are taking other medications, have a reaction to a preparation, or have not consulted with your doctor prior to meeting with me, you must make this known as soon as possible. Whenever adding an alternative or holistic treatment method into your wellness routine, you should always clear it with your primary care provider first. They know your medical history better than I do, and they’ll know if a specific treatment is contraindicated. There may be something you forget to tell me, and I’d hate for you to experience a negative reaction because an important piece of information was left out.

Herbal Wellness Package:

Initial visit (45-60 minutes), 30 day follow up visit (30-45 minutes), full Wellness Plan write up, recipes and/or herbal preparations, and on call phone and email support within the 30 days between visits

Additional follow up visits (30-45 minutes) book at $45 per appointment; herbal preparations not included.

Herbal preparations

I also make herbal preparations on a retail basis, in case a full wellness work up is not necessary. I have some pre-made products available, but I’m also able to brew preparations by specific request. Visit my shop or send a message for my current retail stock. You can also just stop in to Tangled Roots Herbal on Thursdays and we can chat in person.

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