Chair Massage for Home Sales Parties

Are you an entrepreneur or home sales consultant, hosting parties at which ladies can unwind and shop?



If you do home parties, I’m looking to partner with consultants to offer chair massage along with their home sales parties. Everyone loves chair massage! It’s a great selling point for booking parties, and can make the guests more relaxed and receptive towards purchases too.

If you work with:

Mary Kay
Lia Sophia
Origami Owl
Ava Anderson
and many more…

… then we should chat!

When you book me, I’ll be there for the length of the party (up to four hours) with my massage chair and a small assortment of massage and essential oils. I charge a discounted chair rate for party guests, and I can also work specific techniques into your sales pitch, depending on your product.

EXAMPLE: At a Mary Kay or Avon make-up party, I can teach the ladies how to give themselves a face massage, and offer each guest a complementary face massage while they wait. Or Jamberry nail parties can incorporate hand massage and a quick DIY on making your own hand soak for relaxed muscles and soft skin!

BENEFITS: Massage is a fantastic selling point when trying to book parties and events. They get two services without any additional work on their end! I help you advertise the event (if it’s public) and your business, and I just ask that you do the same and let me bring some rack cards for the ladies to take if they want to know more about what I do. Massage is relaxing and centering, which makes your customers happier – and might even make them more inclined to buy!

If you’re interested in adding chair massage to your next party or marketing campaign, LET’S CHAT!

(please email for pricing inquiries)