Reiki Apprenticeship

As a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher, I offer Reiki instruction in all three levels to anyone willing to learn and accept Reiki into their life. There is much that goes along with learning and becoming attuned to Reiki and so, while life changing and beneficial, should not be taken lightly.

Currently, I offer Reiki in primarily apprenticeship format; Reiki I and II can be organized in a workshop format if existing groups of 5 or more want to schedule something. Contact me for more details.

Reiki Tea

Reiki Teas are open house style events where anyone interested in learning more about Reiki can come down, experience the healing, and find out if learning Reiki is right for them. They can be as elaborate as a full vendor event, or as simple as me and some refreshments, sitting and waiting for interested parties to show up.

Reiki Tea events happen periodically throughout the year and are posted on Facebook, sent out via email, and added to the Calendar, so make sure to Like & Subscribe in all the appropriate areas to be notified when they’re posted.

Private Apprenticeship

I prefer to offer individual apprenticeships, instead of the traditional class format, for a number of reasons – mostly because its easier and more personal, and we can focus on WHAT you want to learn, WHY you want to learn it, and HOW you’ll be implementing it. Reiki for nurses is a very different training than reiki for spiritual leaders.

Instead of the traditional levels taught in separated classes, we’ll go over curriculum for all three levels at a pace and organization that makes sense for you and your learning style. Attunements will be given at regular intervals as you progress. You can take as little or as much time as you need for your apprenticeship, as long as you complete all assignments before finishing the program. Program details are discussed during the initial student-teacher interview.

Cost for the apprenticeship program is higher than the single day classes (due to the level of dedication and information involved by both parties), but payment methods are negotiable, based on your financial situation. Because we’ll be seeing each other regularly and often, payment plans are available.

If you believe a one-on-one apprenticeship is the path for you, I encourage you to reach out to me so we can meet in person and discuss details. I truly believe that, while more intense and time consuming, Reiki apprenticeships are the superior method of training if Reiki is something more than a passing hobby for you.