People tend to ask me why I became a massage therapist. I usually answer something along the lines of “I love to help people” or “I wanted to be my own boss“. Both of these are true, but they barely scratch the surface. I could go on for HOURS about why I love holistic healthcare – I won’t, you’re welcome – but that’s the giveaway, really. I could wax poetic for hours.

Holistic wellness is my passion.

I have other passions, of course; I love to write, and sew, and play all sorts of games. I am passionate about my family. I would survive without coffee in my life, but it wouldn’t really be living.

But holistic wellness – massage and Reiki and herbalism and therapy and self care and a million other things – it doesn’t get talked about enough. It’s still considered fringe. It’s not mainstream, but it’s incredibly integral to a healthy, successful, well life!

The more I learn about how the body works, the more I wonder how we fooled ourselves with traditional medicine for so long. Allopathy has it’s place, but it doesn’t have to be our first, or only, option. Advocating for gentler, more natural alternative methods to try first is one of the biggest reasons I went to massage school. It gave me more of a foundation, and the science education, to really explain how things like bodywork and herbs and nutrition can do what pharmacology does, but longer lasting and without all the nasty side effects.

There is NO REASON to not try holistic first, yet many people don’t. This is what drives me. This is why I do what I do. I won’t rest until everyone knows the effectiveness, the joy, the magic of a more natural and balanced way of life.

2 thoughts on “The Calling: Why I Do What I Do

  1. Love! I am very new to holistic treatments. My husband recommended a garlic soup years ago for a cold I had, and I laughed. Now? It’s my GO-TO the moment I’m feeling congested. I can’t wait to learn more from you!

    1. Garlic is one of my top recommended herbal remedies for flu season! I have a recipe for a bone broth soup with garlic and ginger that my husband swears by; he calls it my “miracle soup”. I’m glad you’re on your way to incorporating more holistic wellness into your life! I can’t wait to work with you. 🙂

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