One of the easiest things you can do for your health and sanity is to get outside. Taking a walk, doing some gardening, or even just sitting in your yard with a drink and a book will help to improve your quality of life in no time. But sometimes it can be hard to schedule some quality time one on one with Mother Nature. Our lives are so hectic, everyone works inside, cities are losing natural green space – and if you’re like me, you refuse to leave the house when the air is so cold it feels like the wind is peeling your skin off.

But none of that means you have to lose that connection to the earth! Bring the outside indoors with house plants, and watch how quickly your life transforms.

Maybe a little overkill, but you get the point.

What’s that? You kill everything green in your home? Fear not, brown thumbs, because there are house plants that even you can keep around for years to come. I’ve listed a few of my favorites at the bottom of this post.

Right now, let’s go over a few reasons why you need to get your butt to the store and bring home a little potted beauty today:

Plants freshen the air.

And come on; we live in New England. We board up our houses four to five months out of the year to keep out the snow and bitter cold. We can’t exactly throw open some windows in January to get the air circulating! But potted plants take in the CO2 and dirty, dusty, musty air, and give us sweet, sweet oxygen. They’re like pretty symbiotic parasites. They even eliminate harmful gasses in the air! And plants don’t whine to go outside or poop in their pants or steal your cell phone charger at night – they’re the perfect little roommate!

Plants help ground you.

Grounding is when you settle your hectic energy, literally sending it down into the earth, to promote peace and calm within yourself and your life. One way to do that is with earthing, which is basically a fancy term for walking around outside without shoes. Earthing puts your skin in direct contact with the earth, and we all know how sponge-like our skin is. It’s a more direct connection for the peace and calm. But if the ground is frozen or covered in six feet of snow, we can’t do that. House plants get around that pesky problem by bringing the earth to you! Tending to your plants puts you in direct connection with earth and allows you to ground naturally, without having to dig an igloo.

Plants Cheer You Up

Once fall is wrapping up and winter is coming, the days are short and the darkness is everywhere. Its easy to succumb to seasonal depression – sometimes even the most well adjusted of us can get the blues when they’re stuck inside with no hope of seeing the sun. But several independent studies have shown that simply having plants in your daily life around your home can improve mood and memory, reduce stress, and increase feelings of optimism and control. One study even showed a drop in participants’ systolic blood pressure after being exposed to house plants!

So while it may seem silly, or even daunting, filling your home with some potted plants this winter can definitely have a positive effect on your happiness and quality of life. In fact, I’m off to the store today to pick up some lucky bamboo for my office!

If you’re afraid of killing your new green friends, here are some plants that are resistant to your murderous ways:

Cast Iron Plant   |   Spider Plant   |   Kalanchoe   |   Succulents   |   Lucky Bamboo

Let’s chat: What are your favorite plants to keep around the house?

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